Our Work

Pale Fire Design creates beautiful, usable, responsive designs for clients. Our process ensures that our clients are as happy with the final design as if they made it themselves. Here are a few of our recent projects, highlighting the type of work we can do for you.

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Paula Chu website

Paula Chu

Paula Chu, a licensed professional counselor, came to us needing to update her website.

We worked closely with Paula to identify the primary needs she wanted to address with this project. We determined that in addition to a general updating of the site’s style she also needed an easier way to update and maintain the site’s content in a way that would be easy for her clients to locate.

We built a custom responsive WordPress theme using artwork created by Paula’s father as the inspiration. After building the site we also implemented a chat-room, allowing Paula to conduct sessions with remote clients directly through the site.

The final site can seen at http://www.paulachu.com.

Leigh Ann Nichols website

Leigh Nichols Photography

We helped Leigh Ann Nichols, an Alexandria based photographer specializing in unique and expressive portraits, customize a WordPress theme she had purchased that was not living up to her expectations.

The theme Leigh Ann had purchased was no longer supported by the creator, leaving her with a site that was unable to live up to her expectations.

We helped fix several critical issues with the theme and implemented an overall style that better represented Leigh Ann’s personality and work.

You can see the final results at www.leighnichols.com.

Ellipsis Video website

Ellipsis Video

We worked with Ellipsis Video, a small creative marketing company specializing in quality high definition video and photography, to redesign their website.

After working closely with the owner of the company to identify his needs, we determined that the most important thing the redesigned site would need was a simple and effective method for displaying both their video and photography.

We reworked the layout of the front page adding a simple slider which can display both images and video as well as adding calls to action for Ellipsis’ other services, VisitNoho and Northampton Deals. In reworking the layout we created a fluid and responsive framework that looks great on any device, while also adding subtle design elements to frame the content.

You can see the final results at www.ellipsisvideo.com.

Gorman Group website

The Gorman Group

The Gorman Group, an Alexandria based real estate company, approached us to help restyle a templated site they had been working on for years but were never pleased with. We created a new, unified style for their original site while informing them of the limitations of the template going forward. After discussing their long term goals for their website, The Gorman Group decided to work with us to create a new site.

We built the new site on WordPress, knowing that it would best fit their goals for the site; the ability to easily add new content themselves, a blog, a responsive design, and the ability to interface with a third-party real estate search engine.

Using a custom WordPress theme based of the design we’d previously created we were able to build a site that is simple to update, while presenting their content in a clear and attractive framework.

The final site is still under construction but will soon be available at www.amazingalexandria.com.